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Last Edited
April 14, 2003

> Protect Your Business Idea

1.Patents Protection for inventions. Inventions must be new (first in the world); be useful (functional and operative); show inventive ingenuity and not be obvious to someone skilled in that area. It can be a product, a composition, an apparatus, a process or an improvement on any of these.

2.Trade-marks Trade-mark registration gives you exclusive rights to words, symbols and designs, or combinations of these, that distinguish your wares or services from those of someone else.

3.Copyrights Protection for books and maps; lyrics and musical scores; sculptures and paintings; photographs, films and tapes; computer programs and databases

4.Industrial Design An industrial design must be an original shape, pattern or ornamentation applied to a manufactured article. The shape of a table or the decoration on the handle of a spoon are examples of industrial designs.

5.Integrated Circuit Topographies The electronic circuits of an integrated circuit (IC) product are embodied in a three-dimensional hill and valley configuration called a topography.

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