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Starting a Small Business

> Regulations for Getting Started
> Proprietor or Incorporation?
> Taxes
> Becoming an Employer
> Start-Up Checklist

Starting a Small Business




Last Edited
March 10, 2004



> Basic Regulations for Getting Started

Session 5 is for individuals who are ready to start operation and want instruction on the regulations that affect most small business start ups in British Columbia. You might want to start by deciding if you want to operate as a proprietor, a partnership or a corporation.

You will want to know what taxes might affect your business and if you are going to be employing people in your business, then there are a number of regulations that may affect you. Also included is a handy start up checklist indicating regulations that will likely affect your business.

This chapter discusses the basic regulations that are common to most start ups and does not encompass permits, licences or regulations that may be specific to the industry or type of business you plan to work in. For information on provincial regulations specific to your business, you may find something by searching regulations for your type of business. If you have further questions, there is plenty of help. You can contact your local Government Agent, Canada/British Columbia Business Services Society or Victoria Connects.

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