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July 20, 2004

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Market Information




Guides & Studies











Market Information

U.S. Census Bureau
This site provides comprehensive coverage of statistical data collected in the US Census. You can also find detailed demographic data for anywhere in the US

American Demographics
Click on Search to find articles and reports from America's top magazine for marketing and demographic information. Great source for articles on trends and consumer analysis.

Search over 2 million titles of government sponsored scientific, technical, engineering and business related publications. Publications can be purchased from NTIS. NTIS is an agency of the US Department of Commerce.












Contains listings for over 16 million American companies. Excellent for getting a list of just about any type business
in just about any location in the US.


Data Access Tools
A list of on-line tools available for accessing census data on the US market.

Thomas Register
Contains over 155,000 American (and Canadian) supplier companies. One of the primary sources for American manufacturers.













Customs & Border Protection
Part of the new U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Full of information on importing goods into the United States, including a FAQ, information on FAST ("Free & Secure Trade" - between US and Canada, and the publications "U.S. Import Requirements" doc file and "Importing into the United States" doc file or pdf

Visa Selector
This site will help determine under which visa classification you will need to enter the United States.














U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Products regulated by the FDA that are made in other countries must meet the same standards as those manufactured domestically. Their International page contains information on importing products into the U.S. Food labeling information and a FAQ is also available

This site lists links to information on the various tax regulations - federal and state.












Guides and Studies

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Within their International Research Reports and Publication, there are specific reports on the U.S. Housing Market

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
The Canada - United States site has information on Major Issues, Trade and Investment and Doing Business in the US.





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