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March 11, 2004

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Strategis - Labelling Assessment Tools
This site assists you with federal labelling requirements, including: Consumer Packaging and Labelling; Environmental Labelling; Precious Metals Marking; Textile Labelling; Down and Feather Labelling.

Guide to Food Labelling and Advertising
Detailed information on Canadian labelling and advertising requirements, policies and guidelines which deal with statements and claims made for foods, including alcoholic beverages.

Guide to the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and Regulations
Heres a page to help you meet the guidelines of the Consumer Packaging and Labelling Act and relevant regulations.

Labelling of Textiles
Provides an outline to the basic labelling requirements for consumer textile articles subject to the Textile Labelling Act and the Textile Labelling and Advertising Regulations.

CA Number Database
A CA Number is a five-digit identification number preceded by the letters "CA". Companies use this number to meet provisions of the Textile Labelling Act that require prescribed consumer
textile articles to be labelled with the identity of the person by or for whom the textile articles were made.

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