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August 26, 2004



> Demographics

BC Stats: Neighbourhood Income and Demographics
How many males earn over $100,000 in your neighbourhood? These tables are sorted by Forward Sortation Area (FSA). The FSA represents a geographic area that corresponds to the first three characters of a postal code.
To find Forward Sortation Areas, check Canada Post's website

BC Stats: Census Profiles
This link is to reports on population counts in BC. Reports include population figures and population projections.

2001 Census Data
Census Data on a variety of characteristics including Age, Sex, Commuters, Earnings, Ethnicity, Religion, Martial Status. Helpful for confirming the existance of a target market.

Health Area Population Estimates
Local health areas are good geographic definitions for examining a trade area. This link provides the population counts by age group over time. A map outlining these health areas is also available.

BC Stats: Migration / Immigration
This link provides you with reports and tables: migrant mobility, housing demand, retirement, inter-provincial migration, and source countries.

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