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September 1, 2004


> Consumer Trends

Average Household Expenditures
What does the average household spend in a year? Other family expenditures include, among others, Food, Shelter, Household Operation, Clothing, Transportation, and Education.
You can calculate a crude projected increase in the amount spent on your product or service within a specific local health area (useful for evaluating trade areas) by combining the average household expenditure for BC and the projected change in the number of households.
Visit the BCStats Population and Demographics page for "Household Estimates and Projections by Local Health Area" (under Households - scroll down to find). Find your trade area and combine this information with the spending per household for your product or service.

Strategis: Trade Data Online
Did imports of bicycles into Canada increase significantly over the last five years? Import/export data reflects changing consumer patterns.

Stats Can: Average Weekly Food Expenditures
What does the average household in Vancouver spend on seafood each week? How does this compare to the Canadian average?

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