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Last Edited
July 16, 2004


In researching and putting together your business plan, you’ll discover key information about the market potential of your product / service. At the Canada BC Business Services Society, we can help you on this “road to business success.” Get started on your business plan now, send it to us, and make an appointment with one of our Business Officers, who will help you by objectively assessing your plan and by providing feedback and resources in preparing your plan for presentation and / or implementation.

Submissions of business plans for review and / or questions about our services can be forwarded to:

Canada BC Business Services Society
601 West Cordova Street
Vancouver, BC
V6B 1G1
Phone: 604-775-5525 / 1-800-667-2272

email: askus@smallbusinessbc.ca

Please fill out the following document and submit with your business plan:
Business Plan Review Sign-up Sheet (word doc) (pdf doc)

What to include in your business plan


Notice of Confidentiality
The Canada BC Business Services Society agrees to maintain the information submitted in confidence and to not distribute / communicate the information within, without express written consent of the submitting client.

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  Canada / British Columbia Business Services Society
601 W Cordova Street Vancouver BC Canada V6B 1G1
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