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Last Edited
April 11, 2003


Links from the CBSCs Web site are related to the mandate and objectives of the CBSCs site as a source of business information for Canadians or businesses operating in Canada. In general, the CBSCs may provide links to the following:

  • Canadian government sites providing business-related information, programs and services;
  • foreign government sites providing information to Canadian companies doing business abroad (i.e. customs, import procedures, tariffs, patents, copyright, trademark, industrial design);
  • commercial business databases, including company directories, available free of charge;
  • sites maintained by CBSCs partners;
  • Internet/Web search engines and directories.
Links to Commercial Organizations
We generally do not provide links to commercial sites. Under some circumstances, the CBSCs will provide links to a commercial organization to provide clients with free information or services useful to a business, where such information is not available from non-commercial sites. The decision will be at the discretion of the CBSC Webmaster.

Request for a Link from the CBSC Site
To request a link to be placed on the CBSC Web site, please contact the Webmaster by E-mail.

In your contact message, please explain how the proposed link relates to this policy and contributes to the objective and enhancement of the CBSCs. Ensure that a return contact name and E-mail address are included. If a proposed link meets the criteria stated in this policy, it may still be declined at the discretion of the CBSC Webmaster. If a link is approved, the administrators of the target site will be informed and the link established.

A reciprocal link back to the CBSC Web site is encouraged.

Guidelines when Linking to the CBSC Site
Webmasters are recommended to follow these steps when establishing external links from your Web site to the CBSC Web site:

  • in addition to linking to specific pages within the CBSC site, also provide a link to the CBSC homepage (http://www.cbsc.org);
  • periodically check the integrity of the links to the CBSC documents;
  • CBSC discourages the use of frames;
  • CBSC content may be used in a framed environment if the third party frame does not exceed 20% of the viewing area
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